Metal packaging

(Metal packaging)

Standard packaging

Standard packaging

  • Making of metal packaging without print
  • Great choice of ready cans without print in stock
  • Printing on ready cans using pad printing and screen printing
  • Gluing of self-adhesive label
  • Engraving
  • New Year’s gift packaging in stock
  • Gift metal packaging with standard design in stock
Serial packaging

Serial packaging

  • Full-color lithography - printing on cans by your design
  • Making cans by ready TT scale
  • Internal lacquering of metal cans for food products
  • Making of hermetic metal packaging with easy-open and easy-peel covers
  • Additional equipment with plastic covers
  • Decorative finish: embossing / stamping
  • 3D-visualisation of future packaging
 New Year packaging 2020

New Year packaging 2020

  • New Year packaging available.
  • New Year's packaging order.
  • Complete cans with handles/cords.
  • Individual design.
  • Ready design.