Custom varnishing and lithography options

Exclusive service of our company - custom metal varnishing. Several kinds of varnish are applied on the surface of the gift can: matte, glossy, craquel, glitter, etc. Using technology of combining varnishes, we get bright, contrast images with a clear selection of the necessary fragments in the picture.

  • As a base for lithography can be:
  • white enamel. This option is suitable if the design layout does not contain elements with a metallic shine
  • primer (clear varnish). If there are areas in the design with the effect of metallization, lithography is performed on the metal covered with clear varnish. White elements are stained with white paint. On the design layout these areas are displayed as a spot-color and located on a separate layer

custom varnishing of metal. Using different types of varnish

While application the matt varnish after the thermal treatment, the colors of the layout change visually - this is especially true for pale and yellow tones. It is impossible to predict in which direction the halftone will change, because paints and varnishes of different producers interact in different ways.

Recommendations for correct preparation and completion of the original layouts will be provided by our specialists.