Varnishing and lithography

Fancy Pack provides the services of tinplatevarnishing and lithography. These types of work are carried out by our partners - leading Ukrainian manufacturers. Bright, creative ideas are realized with the latest equipment from the leaders of the world printing industry.

You can choose any type of coating: glossy, matte, combined, gold or platinum. On the surface of the metal cans is layered a picture of any difficulty, up to the quality of the photographic images. Lithography and varnishing of tinplatenot only decorates the packaging, but provides a powerful protective function, makes the inner and outer surfaces of the package resistant to different influences.

For varnishing and lithography on metal different types of varnishes and paints are used - from the simplest and most affordable options to the best European Premium and Lux coatings. We work only with verified varnish and paint manufacturers, that’s why we are fully responsible for the quality of varnishing and lithography.

Lithography of metal is a multistage, complicated process that requires high-precision equipment. On the white metal a design is plotted, corresponding to the model. Lithography on metal is a more durable, reliable, qualitative alternative to a paper label. Unique pattern increases the attractiveness of the product for the buyer. Metal with lithography protects the product from counterfeits reliably.

Full-color metal lithography is performed on a modern automatic line KBA - MetalPrint GmbH. This equipment is made in Germany by the leader of offset metal printing. The advanced technology of four-color printing for today does not have worthy analogues. Productivity of applying lithography on cans is combined with the highest quality of printing.

Before lithography, the lacquering of metal from both sides is carried out. The varnish protects the outer surface of the can from corrosion, and the inner one - from contact with the contents. To get demands for design original layouts for lithography, please contact the manager in the Contacts section.