Our company is a leading manufacturer of beautiful gift wrapping in Ukraine. We are constantly developing, introducing the latest technology, updating production capacity. Today we manufacture metal packaging on semi-automatic lines from leading global manufacturers:

  • Soudronic (Switzerland);
  • Blema (Germany);
  • Turkey.

Due to this, quality control takes place at every stage of gift wrapping manufacturing.

We find an individual approach to each customer, based on its production needs and financial capabilities.

Our main products are tin packaging.

Tin packaging:

The main raw material that we use for the production of tin cans is the lithographed white tin EFA produced by Turkey, Slovakia, Germany, tin thickness 0.20-0.22mm (GOST-4480: 2005, GOST 4481: 2005). Inside the tin is covered with a transparent food varnish to protect against rust.

In the manufacture of packaging is branded using lithography on the client's design layout.

The possibilities of lithography in tin today are not inferior to printing on paper:

  • Full-color printing (CMYK);
  • Use special pantone colors;
  • Use of various types of varnish: matte, glossy, glitier, craquelure and other types, selective varnishing.
  • Embossing and hot stamping on the lid and body of the tube.
For more information about the services of lithography and varnishing, see the SERVICES section.
There are several types of cans: team, welded and seamless (stamped).
Bank team consists of:
    • tin body with riveted stitch "in lock";
    • rolling tin bottom;
    • removable tin cover.

    It is produced on semi-automatic lines.

    Banks of this type can be of different shapes: round, conical, rectangular, oval, and any other non-standard shape at the request of the customer. For more information, see the section CATALOG FORMS.

    Due to this design, the bank is not hermetic. It is suitable for storing food in individual beautiful packaging (alcohol, confectionery, tea, coffee, perfume) dry, bulk food and non-food products, textiles, etc.

    A welded can consists of:

    • tin body with weld;
    • rolling tin bottom;
    • removable tin lid or
    • Easy-open or easy peel cover.

    Production of packaging of this type is carried out on semi-automatic and automatic lines.

    Due to the weld technology, the can is sealed, used to store any dry and liquid, food and chemical products.

    Seamless jar (stamped), consists of:

    • tin bottom;
    • tin lid.
    It is produced by stamping on presses. Used for packaging caramel and dragee, shoe care products, tobacco, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, candles, etc.

    All the materials we use to make food packaging comply with legal regulations for food contact.